Painting a Series

I’ve done something new! (to me anyway) I did a series of paintings titled Frenzy. It is a 3 part series, meaning you can purchase one or all as a great montage for your walls! I believe these 3 would make a stunning grouping! In order to maintain consistency I started with my original piece of art, then for the other two in the series I brought my art into Photoshop and did some overlays and blending modes to come up with complimentary pieces. I love how they turned out! Photoshop can really give your work that final oomph! I’m just loving Photoshop right now!

Though many people do digital art (OMG, I can’t imagine the patience needed to do that) I guess the work that I put through Photoshop could be considered a hybrid. It’s totally my original physical work and my vision but there is just an extra tool that I can use that is not a paintbrush, lol!

I hope you enjoy this series! These paintings can be found at Fine Art America.


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