The Wedding Singer

Last night we saw ¬†the Fenton Village Players in ‘The Wedding Singer’ at The Fenton Village Theater. I would highly recommend the show to anyone (no young children though!) you will certainly get your fair share of laughs and everyone did a remarkable job!

We got to meet the cast in a receiving line after the show and that was really fun too. You could tell they were all still pumped and were so delightful to all of us gushers. My sister in law Becky presented a friend of ours who is in the show with a dozen roses and I got her autograph, sharpie and all. Thanks JoAnn Wismer Marinelli!!!

The Wedding Singer playbill

The Wedding Singer Playbill


Then we went out to dinner, it was late and we were 11 so I’m sure there was no delight to see us but the waitress was nice and we really enjoyed some good catching up ¬†conversation with family members we haven’t seen in too long!

A good time was had by all and a very special thanks to Bruce! You know why, you’re good looks are exceeded only by your generosity ; )

Love to everyone that was there! XXXXOOOO

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