Beautiful Spring Color Circles!

If you are an artist, you know that feeling when you complete a piece and sit back and your heart sings! This is one of the pieces that did that for me. It’s titled simply ‘Circles’ and to me it embodies life, the cyclic nature of life, what ends begins again and what begins must always end. What do I love about this painting? I love the colors, I love the patterns in the 3 major circles, I love the texture and decayed looking color around the edges of the painting.

There is a good chance, I’m the only one who WILL like this painting, and that is OK too because the joy I feel when I look at it is worth all the time and effort that went into this piece.

Speaking of this piece, I created it in an altered book. That’s an entirely different topic that I’ll have to write about one day. I love altered books and you can do them as simple as just gessoing the pages and working on them or as elaborate as creating cutouts inside so that not only is the book itself three dimensional, but your work insidide the book is three dimensional as well! As I said, another time 🙂 For now, here is ‘Circles’.

Circles - Mixed Media

Circles – Mixed Media

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