So happy to get back to my jewelry – My latest earrings

These earrings look so pretty on! They dangle about 2 3/4 inches and they just dance in the light, I love them! I’ve actually given up wearing earrings since I got my chin length bob because you couldn’t see them or notice them. These get noticed! Not in a flamboyant way, they just dance around catching the light and it’s delightful to wear earrings again! I made 2 pair so one is for sale. What do you guys think? Should I make more for Valentines Day? I’d love to hear from you!!

Silver twisted wire and Red Seed Pearl earrings

Silver twisted wire and Red Seed Pearl earrings

The worst part about picking my old craft back up is hunting all over the world for stuff I know I have. I end up asking God for a little help. “Dear God, I don’t know what you are trying to teach me. Patience? I’m very patient right now but I’m getting very, VERY frustrated! Please Lord, for my sanity, I need to find (insert missing item here). In your precious son Jesus name, Amen” This prayer really has saved my sanity many, many times. Not always immediately, sometimes up to 3 days, but it always works! So, I’m expecting to find all my silver earwires soon! In the meantime, I’ve had to make my own. It’s not THAT difficult, and I love that it means I created the piece ENTIRELY, but it’s hard to get them uniform. Above is my latest earring effort. I think it’s so pretty, especially with Valentines day coming up!
TaTa for now! And don’t forget to let me know if you think I should make more!

My Jewelry Store is OPEN!

It’s been a long time coming but I have everything as close to possible to being under one roof. Check out the menu at the top of the page….

Drum roll please….I DO now have my jewelry right here on my site! Just check out the Jewelry tab!

Since, being the Libra that I am, I couldn’t make up my mind on which way to go with my jewelry – elegant, sophisticated, fun, sassy, trendy, timeless, etc. I decided to have two lines! I have the Suave and Sophisticated line and the Fun and Funky Line! Please keep your eyes out because I’ll be adding items every day! The first five orders I receive will get a free gift! Here is a sneak preview of some of my ‘to be listed’ pieces.

‘Yonder’ Acrylic on Canvas

My latest abstract is entitled Yonder. I’m delighted the texture shows so strongly in the photograph! I just ordered a new camera so I can get better shots for reproductions. I purchased an Olympus 16 megapixel with 10x zoom and it’s red!! I love it! Anyway, here is my first art picture taken from the new camera.

'Yonder' arcylic on canvas

‘Yonder’ acrylic on canvas

My New Danielle LaPorte Desire Map / Day Planner arrived!

Oh, it feels so luscious! The black leather is very soft and supple, it is a joy to just touch. It has a red silk page holder attached at the binding, I love that too! It comes in this hardcover edition and an ebook, both for the same price. You’d be crazy not to get this beautiful hardcover!

Danielle LaPort Desire Map Cover

Danielle LaPort Desire Map Cover

As with most calendars of this nature she encourages you to set 3 or four goals and think about how you are going to go after them throughout the year. What she stresses is that it is not necessarily ‘the goal’ that you seek as much as the feeling you associate with that goal and invites you to determine other ways to get this feeling.

Each month starts out with a quick monthly overview where there is some planetary information and single lines for each day. I think this is perfect for appts. On the opposite page are her pearls of wisdom.

Monthly overview

Monthly overview

Next we get to the meat of the book in my opinion. One page covers an entire week and there is plenty of room for you to write out daily tasks and what you plan to accomplish. On the facing page is where you write down your goals and steps in each of six areas of life plus an area where you can write ‘people to serve’ and ‘Helpful people to connect with’.

I love this! It helps me to determine what is important in life and what I can do to move toward these things.

Weekly Planning

Weekly Planning

Each month is followed by several blank pages to use for journaling, notes, brainstorming, writing phone numbers etc. I really like the layout of this book and it’s of a size that will fit into my purse. Admittedly I do carry a very large bag, lol! I also plan to print out some of the colorful pages with affirmations to ‘tip in’ to the Desire Map to make it my own and add some more excitement. I give this book a 2 thumbs up!

I’m on FIRE!

Artists on FIRE is a new entrepreneurial group formed by my now friend Melinda Sabo. One of our awesome members, Anna White, came up with this logo and I just HAD to share!!

Artists on FIRE

Artists on FIRE

Now I’m off to pin it to my 2014 WildSister Board!! Don’t forget, tomorrow is the last day to get the great payment plan ($10 a month) to join the Wild Sisterhood . Totally worth every penny! Love yourself, Follow your Bliss, and Change the World! Whoot!

Is anyone else longing for Spring?

It’s not even mid-January but it seems we’ve already put in our fair dues to Winter! I mean, come on! Give us a break! First the ice storm, then the snow storm, then the below 0 temperatures, I do believe we’ve paid our dues!

My feelings usually show themselves in my creations so I’m not surprised when I went to create my latest necklace I was drawn to the gray pearls with the salmon pink/peachish colored discs. Oh yes, spring on a string! The necklace reminds me that the gray rain clouds of April will, indeed, bring us those beautiful pink flowers of May!

I hope this cheers your weary bones a bit!

Gray and Pink double strand necklace

Gray and Pink opalescent double strand necklace