Hello World!

The famous first words typed on a computer “Hello World!” I feel like they are MY first words since it’s been so long since I blogged! My apologies to all. Here’s what’s going on with me.

I got a part time job and I’m just struggling to make everything merge together seamlessly. I have not blogged or created anything new since I started working, I know I can’t keep THAT up for too long! However, for now, I’m going to immerse myself into learning my job.

I am a Beauty Consultant for Elizabeth Arden!! I love the Arden line and feel very proud to represent them! The line is sophisticated, very affective, geared mostly toward the mature woman, and pricey! 🙂 Yet worth every penny! My skin has never looked so good as since I started using my little kit I got with a foundation and lipstick purchase. AND, Catherine Zeta Jones uses the same line I do, the Prevage line, it prevents and erases damage done to your skin through over exposure to the sun, environmental factors, and/or smoke, etc. LOVE IT!

Catherin Zeta Jones

Catherin Zeta Jones

Anyway, once I get settled into a routine I’ll be back to my creative endeavors, jewelry and painting, in the meantime, I hope to be able to get some before and after pics of some of the make-overs I’m doing. Just one of the reasons I love my job, I’m painting, the only difference is my pallette is someone’s face, hehe!

Toodles for now!

Fall 2013 Nail Colors

This year we aren’t straying too far from the theme of the last several years; dark! Dark greens, dark blues, dark reds, just about any color as long as it’s dark.  OPI has thrown in a couple of paler shades in it’s San Francisco line, but the dark dominates again.

OPI's San Francisco collection for fall/winter 2013

OPI’s San Francisco Collection

Chanel is only releasing 3 new colors, two greens (I adore the Alchime)

Chanel Alchime Nail polish

Chanel Alchime

and a pinkish red.

Chanel Fall/Winter 2013

Chanel Fall/Winter 2013

I think the biggest news this year is nail length and shape!! We are going to see nails just a tad longer and shaped into ovals. This is a step back to a more feminine time. Dragon nails beware!! You are STILL out of style!!

Longer oval shaped nails

Longer, oval shaped nails

Oh, we must have them all! As much as I love Alchime, I love the Mysterious too! Ladies, don’t forget about Essie! You can find a match for any OPI or Chanel or any other brand for that matter from Essie.

Here is a dead ringer for my fave Mysterious by Chanel.

Essies answer to Mysterious by Chanel

Essies answer to Mysterious by Chanel