Hello World!

The famous first words typed on a computer “Hello World!” I feel like they are MY first words since it’s been so long since I blogged! My apologies to all. Here’s what’s going on with me.

I got a part time job and I’m just struggling to make everything merge together seamlessly. I have not blogged or created anything new since I started working, I know I can’t keep THAT up for too long! However, for now, I’m going to immerse myself into learning my job.

I am a Beauty Consultant for Elizabeth Arden!! I love the Arden line and feel very proud to represent them! The line is sophisticated, very affective, geared mostly toward the mature woman, and pricey! 🙂 Yet worth every penny! My skin has never looked so good as since I started using my little kit I got with a foundation and lipstick purchase. AND, Catherine Zeta Jones uses the same line I do, the Prevage line, it prevents and erases damage done to your skin through over exposure to the sun, environmental factors, and/or smoke, etc. LOVE IT!

Catherin Zeta Jones

Catherin Zeta Jones

Anyway, once I get settled into a routine I’ll be back to my creative endeavors, jewelry and painting, in the meantime, I hope to be able to get some before and after pics of some of the make-overs I’m doing. Just one of the reasons I love my job, I’m painting, the only difference is my pallette is someone’s face, hehe!

Toodles for now!